Programming by @nomoon & @arrogantgamer
Design and arrangement by @clangmuir

(Works best on Chrome, next best on Firefox, and manages to get by on Safari.)

Original version designed for Ludum Dare #30 "Connected Worlds"

Hello! We wanted to make a moody fantasy game about exploring and changing a multiverse, or a world that had been broken up into many little pieces.

For the last few game jams, we'd made platformers that required a download and we wanted to explore something outside of that genre that we could publish directly to web.

So, after a bit of prototyping and a lot of CSS, we present "La Roue de Fortune", a game where you explore and control the multiverse using a deck of Tarot cards.


Tarot de Marseille images provided by

Music is "(Intro)" by Fyrnask .

Background images courtesy of: